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Sattur Mittai Kadai is now delivering fresh and delicious Chikki Online across India. We are providing a variety of Chikki Bites and Chikki Bars. We are delivering all our traditional food with hygiene and a delicious taste. Chikki is available in our online store to satisfy the immediate needs of our customers. We have taste and quality being carried over generations. So buy our delicious Chikki Online and enjoy your daily snacks. Read More....

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Sweets Online

Sattur Mittai Kadai offers fresh and delectable Indian Sweets Online throughout India. We have one of the greatest online Sweets services in India. Our sweets deliver all of our classic foods with very Delicious flavours. Taste and quality have been passed down through generations. Order sweets online from us and enjoy your daily snacking. Karupatti Mittai, Seeni Mittai, Laddu, Mysore Pak, Badhusha, Jangeri, Halwa, Kaju Katli, Adhirasam, and more traditional sweets are available. Read More....

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Mysore Pak Online

Order your favorite Mysore Pak Online at Sattur Mittai Kadai. Mysore Pak from Sattur Mittai Kadai is a ghee-laced South Indian delight! Made with minimal ingredients, it has the perfect balance of sweetness. Quality and taste Sattur Mittai Kadai Ghee Mysore Pak stands out for its unique taste when it comes to melting-in-your-mouth sweetness. People of all ages favorite Mysore Pak, commonly served at festivals, weddings, and religious rituals. Sattur Mittai Kadai offers fresh, hygienic, and carefully made Mysore Pak to ensure the best taste and quality. We deliver Mysore Pak quickly based on your location, all over India. Order Mysore Pak Online and Taste the Finest Sweet Treat. Read More....

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