StayinFront Inc.

StayinFront is a leading, global provider of mobile, cloud-based field force solutions, analytics and advanced image and video recognition solutions. For almost two decades, StayinFront has developed software focused on retail execution and improving in-store selling and efficiency. Our award-winning technology delivers the tools to help empower mobile sales representatives in the consumer goods and life sciences industries to do more, know more and sell more across all channels and routes-to-market. Address : 107 Little Falls Road, Fairfield, New Jersey, US, 07004 – 2105 Contact us : 19734614800 Read More....

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Work by Speech - Speech Recogniton Program

Work by Speech allows efficient work on a computer by speech alone. This speech recognition software allows users to control their computer and perform various tasks using only their voice. Users can dictate text, open and close programs, navigate the web, and perform a variety of other tasks, all without having to use a keyboard or mouse. This application supports quiet speaking and allows fast and repeatable mouse control by speech with support for all mouse actions. Read More....

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speech recognition voice recognition continuous speech speech to text analysis